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Um…What comes after Mercury?

The IAU has settled on a definition of the word “planet.” They have rejected the sensible proposal offered last week by the committee and have accepted an incoherent mess. A “planet” is a celestial body that (a) is in orbit … Continue reading

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I bought two hotdogs and a light fixture.

Last Saturday we went to Ray Winder Field to watch the Arkansas Travelers play baseball. Since the dilapidated old ballpark is going to be torn down after this season, we had to go and pay our respects.   Next year … Continue reading

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I am still avoiding the nightmarish 67/167.

There are now three west-bound lanes on interstate 40 in North Little Rock, Arkansas between Burns Park and Crystal Hill. What a beautiful sight!   The three west-bound bridges from the north interchange to Burns Park are not yet built, … Continue reading

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The force is strong with this video.

Darth Vader.

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The murderer’s name starts with a “B.” Or a “D”!

I had nothing to read today at lunch. This is terrible. You know how a shark is said to be in mortal peril if it ever stops swimming? That is like my brain. Not that my head is swimming, but … Continue reading

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No word yet on planet Claire.

Here are some additional observations on the new definition of planet. (1) For years many astronomers have been saying that Pluto is not really a planet, but other astronomers and the general public have been insisting that it is. Now … Continue reading

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Interplanet Janet is going to be busy.

There is a huge amount of buzz on the Internet today surrounding the IAU’s proposed definition of a “planet.” The definition they chose is exactly what I have for years been expecting them to select once all the dust settles. … Continue reading

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