The murderer’s name starts with a “B.” Or a “D”!

I had nothing to read today at lunch. This is terrible. You know how a shark is said to be in mortal peril if it ever stops swimming? That is like my brain. Not that my head is swimming, but I have to constantly take in new information or I might die or something. Fortunately, the restaurant had a television tuned to MSNBC, so I carefully positioned myself to see and hear the news while I ate.

Sadly, it was MSNBC. My entire lunch was spent watching an interview with a psychic about the recent suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey case. That’s right—a psychic.

First of all, the story of this suspect is not inherently interesting or relevant. It is certainly not worthy of all the media coverage that it’s received.

But to interview a psychic? To earnestly interview someone who has no knowledge of the case and whose profession is to be a liar and a fraud?

This is why I get my news from newspapers rather than the idiot box.

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One Response to The murderer’s name starts with a “B.” Or a “D”!

  1. Joey says:

    Hey, aren\’t you supposed to be working instead of blogging?

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